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    We are solution providers for high performance biodegradable products in industrial operations using heavy equipment that want to reduce their environmental impact by converting from petroleum to vegetal biodegradable product options to maintain their equipment.  We tailor our solutions to each client with our products which are all equipment manufacturer certified.

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    We are a first to market company in a new industrial sector and although we formulate products to surpass the petroleum standard, we continue to innovate and take things even further.
  • Our Biodegradable Products

    Below are easy ways to view our biodegradable product line by the industries they have been developed for, by their product type or view our Entire Product Catalogue.

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  • Services

    Our service package is intended to provide an end-to-end solution to industrial operations that want to switch to biodegradable products for their heavy equipment needs.

    Custom Product Development

    We often develop product formulas specific for the needs of individual clients or client sectors.

    Custom Solutions

    Our solutions take into account every aspect of our product, which often require unique solutions for our customers.

    Analysis and Certification

    Ongoing 3rd party analysis is crucial to measure both equipment performance and report environment impact reductions.

    Training Programs

    Our programs are tailored to take into account a variety of factors such as industry, jurisdiction and equipment.

    Dust Suppression Management

    Field tested biodegradable dust suppression products.

    Container Recycling Program

    We offer product container reuse and recycle options as part of our 360 approach to optimize our supply chain and further reduce our impact.

  • Distribution Network

    We manage many direct relationships with institutional clients, but we also continue to develop our network of distributors.  We need partners to manage all the territorial and individual sectors of industry that wish to expand their catalogue with biodegradable options.

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    If you distribute products that service heavy equipment needs and want to offer our products to clients, please read our introduction to begin that process.

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Custom Product Development

Because we specialize in an emerging market of industrial solutions that are focused on delivering eco-responsibility and proven biodegradable products, we are often tasked with developing new solutions to old problems.  Put another way, sometimes we have to make customized products for our clients because they don’t exist yet in the market.
Custom Product

We have a smart approach for naming conventions and we would ensure it was easy to understand and identify.

The colour coding we use to categorize our products make them easier to identify, even in a low light conditions.

We can engineer our product to any specification to achieve whatever performance benchmark you require.  We have access to a wide range of biodegradable solubles that surpass environmental and OEM standards. 

We provide all standard container sizes and can even create new container options to specifically meet your needs.

Custom Product Features:

1. We have an innovative approach for the rapid identification of our different products.

2. The color code we use to categorize our products makes them easier to identify, even in low light conditions.

3. We can design most products according to the given mineral specifications to achieve any performance benchmark you need. We have access to a wide range of biodegradable solutions that exceed environmental and OEM standards.

4. In order to optimize your lubricant storage location, we can even create new lubrication and storage container options to specifically meet your needs.

Innovation can be specific to product development, performance analysis, implementation procedures, operational reliability and government or equipment manufacturer certification. 

Being first to market is an exciting and sometimes daunting prospect, but the only way we succeed is when we develop new products with our clients.

In partnership with our clients, we are able to best identify what is required and we are then able to develop the best solution for it. Innovation is the backbone to our business and the solutions we develop solve very specific problems within various sectors of industrial operations transitioning to biodegradable products for their equipment.

Beyond our range of readily available and proven products, we often must provide newly formulated products that take into account the very specific needs of each customer.

We are well versed in taking into account various stakeholder concerns and objectives when charting a process and communicating the results of our work, so whether you’re the Environmental Engineer, Director of Operations or a CEO; we can present factual information based on our real world experience that can help you formulate a path toward the benefits of using biodegradable products for your heavy equipment operations.