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    We are solution providers for high performance biodegradable products in industrial operations using heavy equipment that want to reduce their environmental impact by converting from petroleum to vegetal biodegradable product options to maintain their equipment.  We tailor our solutions to each client with our products which are all equipment manufacturer certified.

    Core team

    Meet our management team to understand the hands-on expertise we bring to the table.

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    We are a first to market company in a new industrial sector and although we formulate products to surpass the petroleum standard, we continue to innovate and take things even further.
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    Below are easy ways to view our biodegradable product line by the industries they have been developed for, by their product type or view our Entire Product Catalogue.

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  • Services

    Our service package is intended to provide an end-to-end solution to industrial operations that want to switch to biodegradable products for their heavy equipment needs.

    Custom Product Development

    We often develop product formulas specific for the needs of individual clients or client sectors.

    Custom Solutions

    Our solutions take into account every aspect of our product, which often require unique solutions for our customers.

    Analysis and Certification

    Ongoing 3rd party analysis is crucial to measure both equipment performance and report environment impact reductions.

    Training Programs

    Our programs are tailored to take into account a variety of factors such as industry, jurisdiction and equipment.

    Dust Suppression Management

    Field tested biodegradable dust suppression products.

    Container Recycling Program

    We offer product container reuse and recycle options as part of our 360 approach to optimize our supply chain and further reduce our impact.

  • Distribution Network

    We manage many direct relationships with institutional clients, but we also continue to develop our network of distributors.  We need partners to manage all the territorial and individual sectors of industry that wish to expand their catalogue with biodegradable options.

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    View our list of distributors to see if any are able to serve your region or contact us directly if we do not currently have a local distributor for you.  

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    If you distribute products that service heavy equipment needs and want to offer our products to clients, please read our introduction to begin that process.

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    We invite you to submit your CV if you have a background in environmental sciences, product development or helping industries transition to environmental solutions.

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Our supply chain is quite extensive and requires many people all along it to manage the creation and distribution of our product from raw material to finished product, but at our core Interlube is personally managed by it’s founders that you will meet onsite and speak to directly in many circumstances.  This personalized approach not only makes them aware of what the end user experience is like, but also what the market would benefit from in terms of product innovation.

Interlube was created in 2018 and is located in the heart of Val-d’Or’s Industrial Park, near the largest concentration of mining activities in Quebec. The ownership group have positioned Interlube as a leading manufacturer of biodegradable lubricants in several industrial sectors.

Our first major implementation was with the mining company Eldorado Gold Quebec to eliminate contaminated spills underground on its Sigma and Triangle site. After the first successfully phase of the project with hydraulic and drilling oils, we produced all the biodegradable lubricants required for their entire fleet of underground mining equipment.

Since June 2021, the Eldorado Gold Quebec mining company has been the first mining company in the world to use 100% biodegradable lubricants for all of its operations thanks to our conversion solution plan.

Subsequently, Interlube has continued its mission to create industrial environmental solutions with our range of biodegradable lubricants adapted to our industrial customers; which meet the environmental standards of their jurisdictions.

The company is supported by an experienced management team.  We own several other related companies and employ a team of technicians with several years of experience in biodegradable lubricants, as well as a chemist service to modify the formulations as needed by the customer.

Patrick Ouellet



Patrick works behind the scenes and is directly involved in the operational aspects of Interlube, developing client solutions and implementing them.  He is not your first point of contact, but he is deeply involved in every aspect of his client businesses. 

Germain Poirier

Sales Director and Lubrication Technician


Sales Contact: Contact Germain Poirier directly to discuss the product solutions that would best meet your needs. Germain is a specialist in the industrial application of biodegradable fluids serving the French and English-speaking market.

Jonathan Couture

Business Development


Sales Contact: Connect with Jonathan Couture directly to discuss which of our product solutions would best suit your needs.  Jacques is an industrial application, biodegradable fluid specialist serving the English & French speaking market.

Eric Godbout

Director of Operations


Customer Service

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